Learning Management System

AMS has chosen Moodle as it is an easy-to-use learning platform that is trusted worldwide. Students can access this platform at their convenience form any place around the globe. Our teachers provide links for research, videos, audio materials, assaignments and quizzes. Moodle enhances the educational process in AMS and helps students work independently and in groups. Parents also can follow up what their children have to do, and what they are up to.

As AMS is keen on a high quality level of performance, a Learning Management System (LMS) team is appointed to keep an eye on the quality of digital learning in the school. Our LMS team is always available to help parents, teachers, and students use Moodle smoothly and avoid any expected confusion. They create videos to explain how to make use of Moodle’s features. This provides help, saves time as well.

To log in our learning management system, click here.

To know more about Moodle, watch this video.