The character is not something readymade, but it’s a matter of continuous formation through the choice of action. Our vision includes building open minds that are able to make the right choice through mixing our academic targets with character building objectives.

When we started discovering our kids, we worked on positively developing their behavior unconsciously. We provide them with the environment that enables them to elevate their morale and taste. Through negotiation and discussion, they put their own rules, with the help of teachers. Thus they become more committed to them, bearing in mind the consequences.

Our kids are taught that all missions are possible as long as they are well planned. Once we have a clear goal, even if it is too big to tackle, we can break it into bite-sized chunks.

We look at the whole dream and prepare our daily “to-do lists” by putting our big target into bearable achievable missions. Visualization is a powerful way to reinforce goals: it produces some astounding results as nothing happens unless it is first a dream.