Board of the school

The Board of Trustees' main function is to appoint and give support to the Director, establish policy, define the direction of the school, approve the finances and ensure that the school has facilities appropriate to an international education. The Board meets approximately once per month.

Fathy Tohamy Legal Representative

I am on the moon sharing my pride with you in this opportunity. I would like to welcome you all in AMS, and a special welcome goes to the families who are new to us. We hope you had a smooth transition, and we hope that you now enjoy being a part of our family.

 As we all know, education is a process of commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents; that’s why we are all here, integrating and coordinating all details to facilitate the whole process of enlightening our kids’ minds.

We are working with this young age looking at them years later as leaders in a variety of majors, and that’s what we are preparing them for.

Thank you all for your precious trust in AMS.

Eng / Mohamed Fathy CEO

It's such a great pleasure for me to address you on this marvelous occasion. Life continuously teaches us that success is never a matter of luck. It's more about planning, hard work, organization, and a pretty good deal of imagination. That's how dreams are attainable.

Love and logic strategies are powerful examples of our ways for creating a positive and fruitful learning environment that suits our students’ needs and hopes for a better tomorrow. We are very keen on teaching our sons and daughters through the consequences of their own personal choices. That is our main approach towards helping them build powerful independent characters.

We always consider it as our responsibility to bring up independent characters that are ready for the global challenges. Every year, we are laying one of the cornerstones in your kids' personalities.

We promise that we will keep moving forward to open and discover new doors to reach our goals.