Academic Sessions

Sessions in AMS vary among main subjects and activities. Students learn English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies (in both Arabic and English), Arabic, French, German, Religion, and Qur’an. The sessions are applied in more than a way, with the help of a teacher and a co-teacher for a deeper and closer tackling of every point for every student.

The curricula that students deal with are planed to achieve the same target: if you google “College and Career Readiness (CRR)” standards you know more about the educational standards of our school . Our standards (CCSS) are all derived from the general CCR . This maintains that every lesson is a step towards the general goal of building qualified people for the good of tomorrow.

Art Sessions

From time to time, we need to change the way we see the world. There are some invisible connections that may arouse between some part of your soul and a very ordinary non special objects around you. What kind of relation that could take place between man and a stone, what could be fair about some molecules of dust and sunlight? Why would a girl prefer dark red hair pin over an ordinary black one? There is no rational reason that would explain a taste of a girl who chooses the only yellow fl ower to get among a big punch of red flower.

But there could be one possible reason that will certainly answer all of these questions; it is the sense of the artist that exists inside every single individual of us. Art sessions are not only for learning how to draw a fl ower, paint a wall or to discover a fl ow in some famous painting; it is more about trying to reveal this hidden sense of art inside our souls.

P.E Sessions

Being young students can imply many meanings and ideas. This could give you the idea of healthy strong persons with a very energetic attitude. But it also may mean that these young students are having a great command over a great unstable energy that have to be well directed to the right path. Physical Education sessions represent a great chance for the young students to make a good use of their bodies and of their energy not to waste it in any kind of harmful activities. During these sessions, students can play football, volleyball, table tennis or swim. These activities are held for example to teach them co-operation and teamwork skills while in a football match. They are also held to have strong bodies along with strong minds.

Computer Lab

In order to become an active human being, you need to stay connected to the world and to know how to interact with the latest technologies.They shouldn’t be the common inactive consumers of virtual world products. They learn to be real interactive participants in shaping out the technological identity of tomorrow. They design their own programs according to their needs. Students learn with a general aim of being up to the work life needs. Students interact with programs and skills that will help them in their university and career life.

Listening Lab

To be an effective speaker, you have to listen more. Labs are designed to assist learners in the acquisition and maintenance of aural comprehension, oral and written profi ciency, and cultural awareness. Students have the experience of interacting with native speakers.

Science lab

People judge themselves by what they think they are capable of, but here we are judged by what we achieve. Here, students are given the opportunity to analyze, discuss, and solve real problems, in addition to fostering the development of the practical, technical and engineering skills. Labs provide effective learning experiences when students understand not only how to do the experiment, but why the concept or process is important in their studies. They also know how it might be applied or connected to real life.